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On September 3rd, the IAFEI Technical Committee is hosting a webinar for global Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to address current issues and challenges in corporate finance. The event provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and discussion of innovations and financial strategies.
On September 7th, inter and transdisciplinary seminars will be held, designed to stimulate productive dialogue between various disciplines and thus foster personal and collective growth.
From October 21 to 25, AOTCA will hold its annual General Council meeting, focusing on tax issues, investments, and other topics.
​ The Global Conference in Tokyo, in October 2024, will address a series of crucial topics for professionals in the legal and tax sectors. This conference will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the field of international tax law.
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Camera di Commercio in San Marino
On November 15, a legal congress will be held at the Chamber of Commerce in San Marino. This event offers a valuable opportunity for professionals to update and exchange insights in the field.
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The “Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year” award recognizes excellence in a professional firm specializing in international tax consultancy.

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XII FORUM ONE FISCALE – Tax Delegation, the Challenge of Fair Taxation and Legal Certainty. 

“Technical Panel – Taxation and Digitalization”.

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“Italy Between Deficit Budget and Tax Reform: Perspectives of Businesses.”

International Taxation and Fiscal Policies: Government Comparison and Industrial System.


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