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Valente Academy

Valente Academy Center for International Studies is transdisciplinary and polytechnic, dedicated to free research and sustainable development, leaning toward the future in rigor and respect, responsibility and merit, with curiosity, critical spirit and enthusiasm.

Mission, Vision, Values

Art, Culture and Beauty constitute an indispensable part of everyone’s life, as roots from which to draw daily lifeblood.
Valente Academy’s mission is to build a bridge between swirling contemporary pragmatism and the emotion that springs from what has gone before us, in open and profound dialogue between ancient and modern.

The purpose? To analyze the past in order to create a new, different future, shaped by the reflection of the ancient, but renewed by the evidence of our age. The road ahead, winding and steep, consists of multiple paths, challenging the individual’s determination and spurring him or her to improve in order to reach the goal.

To stimulate curiosity and intelligence, the first step is the creation of a transdisciplinary discussion inscribed within the 3H Project, in collaboration with the CLE (Centrum Latinitatis Europae) and Diotima Society.

For fruitful personal enrichment, the insights of ArcheoArt and LawArt, through specific thematic paths of historical, archaeological, and artistic scope, stimulate exploring the past to decipher the present.

To broaden one’s horizons, following in the footsteps of man on his path as an exile to the unknown helps to understand the usual Exoduses that populate our everyday life: a universal path, which allows one to observe, from above, the whole of human history.

“One can exist without art, but without it one cannot live” (O. Wilde)

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