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ArcheoArt is sharing ideas, insights and reflections on the past. From the Paleolithic to the present day, heterogeneous perspectives, differentiated approaches and unusual gazes grant a rediscovery of ancient splendor in the everyday.

History shows its guidelines and illuminates the present with new awareness. Fuzzy visions of distant worlds dissolve, revealing progressive glimpses of unexpected beauty.

The keyword: curiosity, to rediscover our roots and face the future.

Cult of the Mother Goddess

Mothers Who Have Written To Us

Humankind and the Mother Goddesses

For I am she who is first and last,
I am she who is worshipped and scorned,
I am she who is a harlot and a saint,
I am a wife and a virgin,
I am a mother and a daughter,
I am the arms of my mother,

Hymn to Isis
(Nag Hammadi, Egypt, 4th-3rd century BC).”

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Mar 21, 2018

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