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Blockchain Technology: Driving Towards the Next Industrial Revolution?

New technologies have provoked a new revolution in human history: the so-called “digital revolution” or “next production revolution”. It marks the passage from the mechanical or analogue electronic technology to digital electronic technology, with primary impact on the area of communication but also, subsequently, in production.
It is revolution, because it has the capacity to overhaul established social structures.
In fact, it is already doing so: starting with business and trade, new technologies are now shaping labour, governance, culture.
The dominant trend is towards a global village: everyone and everything is a few steps – or rather a few clicks – away; cultures intermingle in an explosive mix, while national borders keep losing ground and relevance – mere remnants of a fading past.
This is where we are heading and each new development, e.g. every new platform, novel application, promising social network or innovative robot is one more (cyber-) brick for the construction of the global village.

Pubblicato su: Legal Perspective on Blockchain – Theory, Outcomes, and Outlooks

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