Paola Salazar

Paola has been a Practicing Attorney ever since 1995 and is a Member of the Bar Association of Milan since 2004, where she relocated from Padua, the city in which she completed her higher education, earned her Law Degree and started practicing the legal profession.

Her well-established professional relationship with Studio Valente Associati GEB Partners goes back to quite a few years and she was already practicing as a Labor Law Attorney ever since 1992.

To such purpose, she acquired considerable experience and expertise in the legal publishing sector and thereafter, in extrajudicial consultancy through her cooperation with Ipsoa Editore with the Scuola di Formazione Ipsoa as well as with Italian Legal Firms and Labor Law Consultants.

Paola is a Member of AGI (Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani, i.e., Italian Labor Law Attorneys).

She has her own professional blog in which she addresses themes dealing with employment for the young and for women.


t. +39 02 7626131
f. +39 02 76001091

Viale Bianca Maria, 45
20122 Milano