Valente Associati GEB Partners offers their clients integrated and multi-disciplinary consultancy services in line with the most recent market development and management trends, in order to support enterprises in each development and organization phase as well as in their restructuring processes, business management and optimization of business resources.

The vast experience acquired in the various industrial sectors allows our seasoned team of experts to highly valorize organizational and business models for companies and multinational groups. Thanks to the synergetic combination of our technical competencies, exhaustive sector-specific knowledge and experience, we are able to develop a dynamic and accurate analysis of organizational models.


Risk Management & Corporate Governance 


Risk management has a value that is both, strategic and operational.
Profitability, leverage and risk are all interdependent strategic factors: the determination of the monetary value and the nature of risk are the basis on which to design a group’s economic and financial structure as well as that of its subsidiaries.
Operational risk management is related to coverages that are suitable with respect to established risk thresholds and to the definition of reporting procedures related to control activities.  The three main aspects of risk management are credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk: each of these risk categories is analyzed and managed with appropriate models and tools.

Transfer pricing


Our dynamic and strategic approach allows us to cooperate and support our client by defining key policies, which determine and represent the material development of transfer pricing in the company’s life, while also developing the required national documentary support in a comprehensive and consistent manner by teaming up with our legal and tax units.

Business restructuring


Thanks to our world-class team of professionals – whose experiences are highly specialized and wide-ranging – we are able to provide our clients with a multi-disciplinary support throughout the various phases of the single restructuring operations by combining legal-juridical and economic elements with logical-quantitative ones. Our networks, widely extended at national as well as international level, allow us to provide our clients with first-rate assistance on a worldwide basis.

IT Legal (LawOneTech)


Technological and organizational innovation are crucial for growth. Our team supports enterprises in strategic decision-making, offering consultancy on:

Our consulting services seek to provide integrated solutions based on client-centered analysis of the value chain. 

Corporate Finance, Strategy, Structuring & Advisory