Managing Business and Financial Crisis

As a company’s financial position deteriorates, troubled entities may need to take action and implement turnaround restructuring plans.
Valente Associati GEB Partners can help identify and assess alternatives and provide information to help maximize recoveries or minimize losses. Our restructuring professionals include financial, tax, legal and risk experts with deep industry expertise who can provide analysis and implementation in all phases of the restructuring process.

As advisers to distressed entities, we help companies stabilize financial and operational performance by addressing problems head-on and driving rapid change to preserve and create value.

We offer a full range of restructuring advisory services, including:

  • Financial restructuring to stabilize financial performance:
    • develop and implement turnaround restructuring plans
    • manage creditor negotiations
    • plan before bankruptcy
    • execute after bankruptcy.
  • Operational performance improvement:
    • analyse current operations and recommend operational revisions
    • develop and implement high impact business plans to help improve cash flow and achieve sustainable results.
  • Financial advisory services for rapid results:
    • develop critical cash conversation procedures
    • evaluate alternative financing options
    • plan for and executing expedited sales of non-mission-critical assets
    • assist in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Interim management to fill the gaps. Our restructuring consultants can seamlessly step into key leadership positions to provide critical support and accelerate the restructuring plan.