Autori: Piergiorgio Valente and Luca Beccari

Within an international economic context marked by a strong climate of uncertainties and characterized by a worldwide crisis, small states such as the San Marino Republic are obliged to face a complex challenge relying only on means that are notably limited. There is a need to promote one’s economy at an international level with the aim to attract investors within a scenario that proposes a set of international principles and rules that are thoroughly amended and strongly oriented towards greater transparency and co-operation. Microstates must therefore, on the one hand ‘‘shed’’ the ‘‘tax haven’’ label by aligning their own legislation to international transparency and co-operation standards, and on the other, promote their economies through competitive elements that are compatible with the needs of the international community for the keeping of a sustainable balance of tax rules and conditions in cross-border economic relations, foregoing thus the competitive advantages that might have derived from the tax differential and from confidentiality.