Labyrinths and Coils

Daidalos” by Louis Valentin Robert

Daedaleus, whose name is generally coupled with his son’s name, Icarus, was one of the greatest craftsmen of his times and perhaps of all times, if it’s true that to every myth there is always a kernel of veracity.
The reason he was requested to build the Labyrinth was to avoid that the Minotaur (monstrous half-bull and half-human creature) could escape.
King Minos, who was especially notorious for his ingratitude, instead of thanking him for having built the Labyrinth, thought to imprison Daedalus, along with his son Icarus, so that he could never reveal the secret of how the maze was built.
Daedalus being the genius and free spirit he was, could not be imprisoned for too long and found a way to escape: of course, we could not expect any lesser exploit from the greatest craftsman ever.