Roberto Betti

As both lawyer and certified auditor, Roberto provides consultancy services with special focus on domestic and international corporate, tax, and financial planning, corporate restructuring, anti-avoidance rules, tax litigation, and non-profit entities. He is the Director of the Education Services of Centro Studi Internazionali GEB Partners.

He is responsible for Federmanager’s tax services and a member of the Scientific Committee of Federprofessional.

He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Council of the Order of Lawyers of Rome on tax matters and a tax judge for several years as well as a member of the technical task-force established in 2011 by Minister Tremonti aimed at reforming the Italian tax system.

He is the former Scientific Director of the research center “Centro Studi Fiscali” associated to Ernst & Young.
He is the author of several volumes, articles, and publications on tax matters.


t. +39 02 7626131
f. +39 02 76001091

Viale Bianca Maria, 45
20122 Milano