Tax Check-up and Certifications

Our expert “Tax Check-up” team provides tax planning, assessment, and control services relating to tax-accounting requirements on behalf of and in the interest of multinational enterprises.
The team – constituted by world-class specialists with proven expertise in this sector – is highly qualified to provide a valid assessment support, in terms of accuracy and convenience of due behaviors to be adopted.

In particular, the “Tax Check-up” team provides client assistance:

  •  with corporate income determination analyses;
  • with the comprehension and application of the derivation principle and relevant impact on corporate income determination;
  • with the comprehension of audit procedures on year-end accounting entries;
  • with checks on fiscal year transactions to ensure their compliance with applicable accounting and civil law criteria.

The above assistance and support activities are also provided by drawing up tax check-up models, which take into consideration the need for multinational enterprises to prevent and/or manage tax risks.  

Our “Tax Check-up” team also provides assistance to clients in the preliminary corporate acquisitions phase through an accurate and in-depth analysis in order to ascertain the target company’s tax position and to identify any possible risk areas and/or any latent liabilities (i.e., so-called tax due diligence).