Valente Associati GEB Partners and Valente Associati Group Consulting deliver comprehensive and multidisciplinary consultancy services to support businesses in structuring and restructuring processes, business management, and the optimization of corporate resources. 
Our extensive experience in several industries enables our expert teams to improve the organization and business models of our clients, from mid-sized national companies to the largest multinational corporations.
Combining advanced technical skills with our in-depth knowledge of the industries in which we operate and with the support of solid national and international networks, we are able to provide the most accurate analyses of organization models on a worldwide basis.

In particular, we focus on:

Our teams draw from different backgrounds and specializations to offer comprehensive support in all the phases of corporate restructuring combining the analysis of legal, economic, and tax matters with the assessment of quantitative factors.

Business restructuring operations

Through a dynamic and strategic approach, we support our clients in defining the policies that have an impact on the determination and the evolution of transfer prices and in preparing the appropriate national documentation in a comprehensive and coherent way, in coordination with our tax-legal team. 

Transfer pricing

Our team, made up of specialized professionals with ample experience in the financial consultancy field, delivers specific ad hoc solutions to mid-sized enterprises, large multinational corporations, banks, and insurance companies alike. Our multidisciplinary approach and specific financial knowledge allow us to provide financial consulting services from the first phases of the life cycle of a business to its maturity.

Financial services

In an increasingly complex market, we support our clients in the process of understanding their corporate value and the several factors that determine it, also with a view to future needs and evolutions. We see valuations as drivers in ordinary and in extraordinary choices, and we take into account the features of international markets as well as those of each enterprise. 

Valente Associati GEB Partners also appears at the top of the prestigious World Transfer Pricing ranking by International Tax Review

Valuation services

With the gaze at the future, our interdisciplinary corporate finance team advises our clients on the optimal strategic planning, structure and financing for the robust fulfillment of their business vision. We commit to tailor-made, high-end services towards innovative and sustainable solutions to lead the market.

Strategy  |  Structuring  |  Asset allocation  |  Fund raising & enhancement opportunities

Corporate Finance, Strategy, Structuring & Advisory