Valente Associati GEB Partners has acquired a long-standing experience over the years in assisting clients in their relationship with the Tax Authorities with regard to all pre- and post-trial phases of litigation proceedings.
In particular, our "Litigation" team assists clients from the very beginning of the tax assessment procedure with regard to the following aspects:

  • structuring of the best possible defense strategy, as a whole, throughout the entire audit procedure;
  • drawing up of explanatory memoranda;
  • filing of administrative suspension requests and petitions for the refund of taxes erroneously paid, whether partially or wholly, that were not due;
  • instituting tax assessment procedures for taxpayers’ acceptance of assessment;
  • proposing and filing, where necessary, deeds of appeal with the so-called “Taxpayers' Watchdog” (i.e., a collective body set up with every regional office of the Italian Revenue Offices with the task of protecting taxpayers and defending their rights).

Valente Associati GEB Partners takes charge of taxpayers’ defense throughout the entire litigation phase, handling all relevant documentation such as the drawing up of deeds of appeal and the collation of any related annexes. Furthermore, the “Litigation” team is also in charge of drawing up and discussing any supplementary and/or explanatory memoranda, counter-deduction deeds, judicial collection suspension requests, including the filing of deeds of appeal, by intervening in hearings before the various competent Provincial and Regional Tax Courts.

Valente Associati GEB Partners also assists its clients before the Attorney General Offices of the various competent Courts to initiate independent criminal proceedings aiming to assess the various kinds of tax offences that might involve discrepant tax returns, omissions, or inaccurate keeping of mandatory accounts and tax frauds.