Intangible Turning Tangible - The Equilibrist

What Does It Take To Be an Equilibrist?
Balance, of course, first and foremost.

Balance may be either inborn emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium, as the result of natural characteristics and/or personal inner as well as physical strength, or may be acquired by means of sheer willpower and constant and painstaking exercise, combined with the steadfast intention to reach a particular goal, even when such goal is arduous or nearly impossible.

Equilibrium in a balancing act demands therefore ability, talent, courage, physical and emotional strength, willpower and poise even when faced with the risk of losing such balance and in that case, the true equilibrist may even falter but shall continue striving to reach the other end of the rope, without getting discouraged.
Balance under all respects is also required in the professional arena, as one of its most salient features.
In the legal profession, consultants may be faced with very delicate and sensitive situations where they might have to deal with conflicting issues which may derive from a number of internal and/or external causes.

In order to perform a perfect “balancing act” in such kinds of circumstances, the true professional, has to put to use all of his good judgment, keenest discernment and keep his/her emotional and mental equilibrium, which means a clear head, in order to be able to judiciously and adroitly weigh all pros and cons and keep everything under control. 

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