Intangible Turning Tangible - Knowledge Inside

“Norse Warrior and His Son” – Bronze Sculpture by Emile Laporte – (French, 1858-1907)

The Mentor
Very few are endowed with the rare gift of innate knowledge, the rest of us require someone to guide and show us the way in all facets of our lives.
Teaching starts at home, from our earliest childhood until we reach adulthood and beyond.
While our first steps are most likely to be encouraged by our mothers, our fathers play an equally important role.
Both have the precise duty to help us become full-fledged adults and honest citizens whose main aspiration should be to help society, and the world, become a “better place” also thanks to our personal contribution.

The message contained in this life-like work of art clearly conveys the strong bond in this father-and-son relationship.
The father is the hardy warrior: a full-fledged adult whose demeanor exudes strength, pride and courage and that unique self-assurance that only matures after many victorious battles.
His right arm is uplifted with his index finger pointing towards a faraway point, which may be a specific target or some strategic advice he is sharing with the young future warrior he is trying to forge.

The son’s attentive listening denotes the latter’s filial devotion along with a respectful and obedient attitude towards his father’s teachings, while the deep affection between the two is almost palpable.
The sculptor skillfully caught the essence of this double link between this father and his son.

A link in which the two roles are well defined: the father does not merely epitomize a father’s protective and duty-bound instinct towards his child, but in this instance, the parent is also playing the role of mentor to his son, as he is evidently teaching the youth the art of warfare, (as a vital survival technique), or the so-called “tricks of the trade”, which were crucial then and are just as fundamental nowadays.

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