Intangible Turning Tangible - Idea Spawned

“La Pensée” (“The Thought”) by Émile Louis Picault

Ideas may be either the natural children of genius and creativity, or the offshoot of intense brainstorming, or even an urgent response to collective needs (whether these be conscious or not).

The artist’s sculpting skill masterfully embodies the birth of knowledge being delivered from the rock, with wings spread out and, just as the arrow, ready to take a heaven-bound flight, soaring towards the utter stretches of human science, as the torch of knowledge – the legacy of learning and cognizance come down to us from our ancestors through papyruses, parchments and books – which has been burning since the mists of time, and will continue doing so throughout the ages, its being one of the most fervent and natural quests of the human spirit.

Consultancy as the living upshot of an idea represents today the highest standard of professional and specialized advice at the service of society, based on extensive and in-depth knowledge of the law, expertise, know-how and applied skills combined with the highest moral and ethical standards. 

Ideas shape peoples, worlds and history.
They shape us, as we go along, through a self-catalyzed thought-generating process that expands in as many directions as our interests, motivations, consciousness and will shall allow.

“Coral and Doubts” by Jacques Antoine Théodore Coinchon

This bronze masterpiece includes coral (one of the unsolved quandaries ever since the days of Aristotle: “is coral an animal or a plant”?). Aristotle did eventually classify coral as a hybridization of “plant-animals” he named “zoophyta”, while this superb work of art means to remind...

Scarica (In Inglese)