Ivo Caraccioli

Former Full Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Turin and attorney with the right to represent clients before the Court of Cassation. 
His focus areas are Criminal Tax Law as well as Corporate, Financial, and Business Economics Law. 
He is Legal Counsel to leading Corporate Groups and participates in numerous conventions in his areas of specialization.

He chairs the Centre for Criminal Tax Law (Centro di Diritto Penale Tributario), founded in 1995, one of the European Associations for the protection of EU financial interests. He is also Editor of the Column “Diritto Penale Tributario” for the TaxMagazine “Il Fisco” and “Diritto penale d’impresa” on the financial publication “Impresa commerciale, industriale”, as well as a public law expert for the financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” (under the Section “Norme e tributi”). 

Prof. Caraccioli is a member of the Ministerial Commission for the Reform of the Criminal Code (Commissione ministeriale per la riforma del codice penale) as well as of the Commissions for the Study of Criminal Business Law (Diritto penale dell’economia) with the National Board of Professional Accountants (Consiglio nazionale dei dottori commercialisti) and of Law and Criminal Procedure (Diritto e procedura penale) with the National Council of Lawyers (Consiglio nazionale forense).


t. +39 011 7711603
f. +39 011 7715227

Via San Pio V, 27
10125 Torino