International Commerce, Contracts and Arbitration

International commerce, contracts, and arbitrations have been playing an increasingly significant role in today’s economic scenario. Our clients rely on our assistance, not solely with a view to our legal expertise and competencies on specific issues, but – above all – because they count on us as their “trusted advisors,” always ready to provide a fully integrated range of services to support their activities and to achieve their corporate and commercial goals.
Our "International Commerce, Contracts, and Arbitration" team provides the following services:

Advice on contract law:  assistance in anticipating legal and juridical results or consequences, as well as the validity and effectiveness connected to the various commercial and business initiatives:

  • drawing up of ad hoc opinions with regard to specific legal subject-matters;
  • drafting of opinions on compatibility.

Assistance in negotiating commercial agreements: preliminary study and analysis of the various contractual options and conditions to optimize the costs/benefits ratio and to identify – in advance – any critical aspects that might derive from any given commercial transaction:

  • preparation of all required documentation on the basis of rules currently in force;
  • drawing up of all preliminary and pre-contractual documentation for the purpose of concluding final agreements (term sheets, letters of intents, comfort letters, etc.).

Due diligence:  analysis and investigation activities to assess the company’s value and conditions with the aim to make focused investments such to avoid potential harmful effects by identifying any possible risk areas and/or any latent critical aspects:

  • carrying out of due diligence and drafting of reports on the various legal/juridical aspects connected to the operation;
  • preparation of the final report on specific operations.

Assistance in the drafting of commercial agreements:  the purpose of these activities is to analyze and identify the client’s effective needs by producing bespoke contractual wording calibrated to the relevant business (model agreement) or to the single transactions:

  • drafting of ad hoc agreements;
  • drafting of model agreements and general contractual conditions on the basis of the client’s specific business needs.

Assistance in and management of conflicts connected to agreement performance:  these activities are linked to the handling of litigation matters with particular focus on ADR (i.e., alternative dispute resolution) methods for controversies that do not involve traditional jurisdictional bodies and that ensure a prompter and more reserved resolution of any conflicts that might have arisen:

  • management of the conciliatory phase aimed at reducing any consequences that might have ensued from non-compliance such to avoid litigation;
  • drafting of defense deeds connected to the agreement.