Industrial Property and Intellectual Property Management

The modern economy increasingly relies on a new category of assets: the intangibles. Being able to protect oneself from competitive actions designed to imitate one's products and to maximize the value of a company's intangibles are key to the success of a business.
Our team "Industrial Property and Intellectual Property Management" supports VAGP clients with:

Advice on industrial property matters: activities designed to highlight the legal aspects related to the recognition of intellectual or industrial property rights and to identify the most appropriate defense strategies in cases involving these issues:

  • drawing up of ad hoc opinions with regard to specific industrial and intellectual law matters;
  • development of appropriate plans for the protection of intellectual property.

Patenting: investigation and analysis activities to identify existing patents or trademarks similar to those for which registration is sought:

  • completion of investigative activities aimed at registering an invention and/or trademark;
  • preparation and filing of the application for registration at the national and international level.

Valorization of inventions: accounting and valuation of intellectual property and trademarks for their inclusion in the corporate stock:

  • drawing up of estimates concerning the value of intangibles;
  • preparation of accounting aimed at setting the value of intangibles for tax purposes.

Assistance with contracts concerning the management of intangibles. Activities aimed at monetizing intellectual works and distinctive trademarks, based on the drafting of contracts for their sale or licensing:

  • drafting of franchising and licensing agreements;
  • development of corporate strategies resulting from the transfer of intangibles and the management of intangibles-related income.

Assistance with sector-specific issues: activities aiming to ensure continuative assistance in matters specific to sectors such as design and protected food products:

  • drafting of opinions and ad hoc documents relating to design creations;
  • preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain appropriate protection for agricultural and food products;
  • valuation of remuneration  for inventions of employees and drafting of contracts for the management of relevant risks.

Assistance and management of conflicts related to the protection of intellectual property: activities aimed at managing litigations, also with respect to the determination of the value of intangible assets:

  • management of the conciliatory phase aimed at avoiding litigation;
  • drafting of acts of defense;
  • arbitrage.