• Business Idea: Assistance and support with the formalization and realization of strategic projects
  • Competitive Analysis: Preliminary surveys on competitive areas of reference markets
  • Strategic Plans: Drawing up of strategic plans


  • New Corporate Structures: Design of functional corporate structures to achieve strategic and financial objectives 
  • Assistance to Management: Definition of corporate forms (holdings, SGR, etc.) and structures aligned to group’s strategic and financial objectives
  • Corporate Governance Definition: Identification of principles that are consistent with strategic, financial and risk management optimization objectives


  • Asset Allocation (strategic guidelines): Identification of investments allocation procedures by target typologies.  Definition of optimal debt/equity ratios (financial leverage)
  • Scouting for investment opportunities: Identification of target companies for potential investment
  • Industrial Plans: Verification and/or support in the drawing up of industrial plans
  • Economic and Financial Benchmarks: Competitive analysis of most important competitors
  • Company Valuations: Determination of the value and valuation on investment opportunities
  • M&As: Assistance with acquisition and/or sale of companies or business targets
  • Strategic Partnerships: Assistance in the search for strategic partners

Asset allocation

  • Disinvestment Opportunities Scouting: Search for potential financial or industrial buyers or partners (i.e., private equity) and assistance in the post-exists reorganization phase
  • Credit Lines Extensions: Assistance to obtain new credit lines for new loans
  • Debt Restructuring: Assistance with credit lines restructurings

Fund raising &
enhancement opportunities