Italy Clarifies Key Transfer Pricing Tenants

During Telefisco 2019, Italy’s annual tax conference, Italy’s tax authority clarified several transfer pricing (TP) tenants. Notably, the most important include:

  • Clarification regarding when penalty protection may be applied to TP documentation; and

  • The inapplicability of penalties for filing discrepant tax returns in the TP area.

Penalty protection
In accordance with Article 1, Paragraph 6, and Article 2, Paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree No. 471/1997, if a taxpayer provides the authorities with adequate documentation that shows TP policy was applied appropriately within intercompany transactions, penalties for administrative violations related to tax return discrepancies may not apply (i.e. “penalty protection”).

Published in: TP Week - 1 May 2019


Italy’s Tax Police Publishes Manual against Tax Evasion and Fraud

Published in: TP Week

On December 4 2017, the Italian Financial Guard (Tax Police), updated its practical guidelines regarding performance of tax audits with the release of the Operational Manual against evasion and tax fraud – Circular n. 1/2018 (circular).
The circular was updated on December 1 2017 and entered into effect on 1 January 1 2018.
Transfer pricing is one of the subjects detailed in the circular. Following specification of the applicable rules and recent OECD developments, the circular illustrates the practical procedures for transfer pricing audits.


Tax Residence of Individuals within an International and EU Tax Framework/Scenario

Casi di doppia residenza (“dual residence”) delle persone fisiche possono verificarsi qualora due Stati, in conformità alla propria legislazione interna, ritengano contemporaneamente residente nel proprio territorio il medesimo contribuente. Al fine di dirimere tali ipotesi di conflitto, il Modello OCSE di Convenzione contro le doppie imposizioni prevede apposite disposizioni che, “in primis”, consentono di definire la residenza di un individuo ai fini convenzionali; in secondo luogo, qualora ricorra un’ipotesi di doppia residenza, stabiliscono alcune regole (“tie-breaker rules”) per definire l’unica residenza della persona fisica.

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Italy Introduces a Voluntary Disclosure Procedure

Author: Salvatore Mattia

Voluntary disclosure represents an important opportunity for taxpayers to regularize their position with the Italian tax authorities. It is a program that complies with OECD guidelines and aims at future voluntary compliance within the broader picture in which the development of a new tax authority/taxpayer cooperation model is being devised.