Planning the Change in Ownership

    Whatever the drive (a generational change, the settlement of fully empowered external top managers or the opening to a private equity firm) an entrepreneurial organization has necessarily to face a “one-in-a-life” event: the transfer of powers from the entrepreneur (generally the founder) to another subject. 
    This event is always a source of stress for all the company’s stakeholders and, sometimes, it can originate the seeds for business’s underperformance and stakeholders’ dissatisfaction in the long term.

    A proper planning for these changes in ownerships require extended knowledge and a fair approach, managing the trade-offs between the business perspective and the entrepreneur’s expectations and the conflicts of the short term urgencies and apprehensions with the long term value creation objectives. Valente Associati GEB Partners’s personnel has the competencies and the standing to assist either the entrepreneur either the company to properly manage the entire process of the transfer of ownership. Our services may encompass:

    • Assist the planning of the entire process
    • Support the Company’s reorganization to separate businesses and interests
    • Assist in managing the tax profile of the shareholders
    • Support the transfer of the ownership
    • Align the governance system (articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, service agreements)
    • Assist the new management in implementing the management tools (strategy and target settings, business planning and control, incentive systems)