Private Equity

Valente Associati GEB Partners adopts a multi-competency service model and has developed a wide range of services to provide support during the whole business life-cycle. We could be the ideal partners for a private equity firm to team with, in order to boost its proprietary core competencies.

Depending on your needs, we can provide tax and legal specialists, business experts and risk experts and, when required, corporate finance specialists.

Valente Associati GEB Partners can support you for the entire life-cycle of an investment, from the structuring of the acquisition to the divesture or IPO. 

We can also intervene, bringing a clear value added proposition, on certain non-recurrent events in your participation business; like:

  • Change in strategies and company (re)design (structures, value chains, processes)
  • Tax optimization
  • Claims with tax authorities or other parties
  • IP and brand protection