"Pocket" Multinational

Italian “pocket” multinationals have to manage the complexities of the international markets together with a still strong local cultural base. Effectiveness, flexibility and timely delivery are service imperatives for them, together with an entrepreneurial attitude to risk taking.

Valente Associati GEB Partners can deliver a wide range of services aligned with the needs and the service level requirements of “pocket” multinationals:

  • Support to any extra-ordinary transactions (Acquisition, divesture, spin-offs, etc.)
  • Assistance on strategic option evaluation, development of the business strategies and related change management initiatives
  • Group (re)design of structures, value chains and processes
  • Support to growth through assistance in partnership development and teaming with your development teams
  • Advice on tax policies and tax risk mitigation
  • Value chain management and Transfer pricing policies
  • Advocacy on Tax litigations & Criminal tax law
  • Advice on Cybersecurity
  • Teaming of our specialists with your personnel in the digitalization of the business and in extracting useful information from the mass of data you are gathering from social, sales and operations.

Valente Associati GEB Partners is also able to serve multinational clients with the following global solutions:

  • Global business solutions, to support by outsourcing the essential business needs of payroll, accounting and corporate secretary to foreign establishments
  • Global mobility solutions, to deliver consistent support to your employees in every country they are detached.